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Maximize ACT Math is a complete end-to-end book designed to help test-takers of all skill levels increase their Math skills and Maximize their ACT Math score. It is an easy-to-read workbook/textbook with detailed diagrammed solutions. Students can hone their skills with over 900 all-new Math ACT questions (workbook) and learn every pertinent mathematical concept in the detailed explanations (textbook).

What is inside? 551 colorful pages with 938 all-new ACT Math questions. The book is broken down into 8 Units made from 51 easy-to-identify Chapters. The introduction section at the front of the book contains the all-important Formula/Cheat Sheet and the Student Checklist. The Formula/Cheat Sheet is a one-page colorful sheet with every pertinent ACT formula and tip you need to Maximize your ACT Math score. The Student Checklist is where readers can map their progress by marking off the completion of each Chapter, Quiz, and Test. Each of the 51 chapters is followed by easy-to-understand, color-coded, detailed teaching solutions. There are 2 Unit Quizzes (16 Total) at the end of each Unit and 2 full-length 60-question comprehensive Book Tests at the end of the book.

All of the questions in this book are completely original and contain the same exact skills students need to master the Math ACT. Some of the questions are more difficult than actual questions students will encounter on the ACT. These difficult questions will better prepare students for the most challenging questions. It's like training for a marathon. A marathon is 26.2 miles, but most of the top marathoner's train by running 40 miles or more, so on race day, their task is a "walk in the park." If students master every Unit in this book, on Math ACT Day, they too shall have a "walk in the park."

Maximize ACT Math (Soft Cover)

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